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Do Bearded Dragons Need Toys? [Which Toys Are Best?]

Toys are necessary for both physical and mental stimulation in Bearded Dragons. Toys will stimulate your bearded dragon’s mind while also encouraging much-needed exercise. Because bearded dragons are curious creatures, toys are a great way for them to explore.

They can have hours of fun while getting the physical and mental stimulation they require. Not only that, but toys allow them to express their natural instincts, such as digging and climbing.

What are the Benefits of Toys for Bearded Dragons?


Bearded dragons require exercise, and providing them with toys and activities will help them stay active and healthy. Regular exercise helps them maintain muscle strength and can also help them reduce stress.

Toys like beardie balls and floaties allow your bearded dragon to move around and explore, which is a great way for them to get some exercise.

You can also use cat wands or other interactive items to get your bearded dragon to move around more. You can give your bearded dragon plenty of exercise with the right toys, which will keep them healthy and happy.

Mental Stimulation

Bearded dragons, like other animals, require mental stimulation, and providing them with toys and activities is an excellent way to do so. Bearded dragons benefit greatly from having a variety of toys and activities to engage in.

Providing a rich, interesting environment as well as a variety of toys and activities for your bearded dragon will help keep him mentally active and engaged.


Bearded dragons enjoy exploring their surroundings as well. Bearded dragons enjoy climbing, so provide them with a variety of climbing objects such as logs, branches, rocks, and other items to explore.

Providing a variety of substrates to explore can provide additional stimulation. Sand, gravel, dirt, and other natural substrates can provide something for your bearded dragon to dig in and explore.

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What Types of Toys are Recommended for Bearded Dragons?

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  • Bearded dragons should have access to balls, floaties, tunnels, hammocks/loungers, cat wands, and other interactive items.
  • Balls are ideal for both exercise and entertainment.
  • Floaties are excellent for swimming and exploration.
  • Tunnels can aid in the stimulation of natural behaviors such as burrowing.
  • Hammocks and loungers are excellent places to rest and relax.
  • Cat wands can provide enrichment and exercise for your dragon while also allowing you to interact with it.



Balls are a great and widely used toy for bearded dragons. They are not only a fun way for your bearded dragon to catch food, but they are also a great way to encourage exercise and exploration.

The Beardie Ball, which is made of transparent plastic and has a small lid that allows you to fill it with crickets or hoppers, is a popular choice. Once the ball is on the floor, your bearded dragon can enjoy chasing after the insects inside.


Floaties are an excellent toy for bearded dragons because they provide extra exercise and mental stimulation. Floaties are designed to be used in water, which is a great way to provide your beardie with some much-needed exercise and a sense of exploration.

The floaties come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to try out different designs until you find one that your beardie enjoys the most.


Bearded dragons benefit greatly from tunnels in terms of exercise and mental stimulation. They not only serve as good hiding places, but they also encourage exploration and keep your pet active.

Bearded dragons enjoy climbing through tunnels and exploring their various shapes and sizes. When selecting a tunnel for your bearded dragon, make sure it’s large enough for them to fit through comfortably and made of non-harmful materials.

Tunnels made of paper, cloth, or plastic that are specifically designed for reptiles are available. These tunnels come in a variety of lengths and sizes, allowing you to find the ideal one for your pet.

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Hammocks and loungers are ideal for bearded dragons because they provide a comfortable place for them to rest and relax. Not only that, but the hammock or lounger adds an interactive element to their environment, providing something for them to explore and investigate with their claws and snout.

These toys come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your pet. Make sure it has a sturdy base that won’t easily tip over so your bearded dragon can enjoy it safely.

Cat Wands

Bearded dragons enjoy exploring and interacting with their surroundings, and cat wands are an excellent way to provide them with just that. A colorful plushie, ribbon, or feather is usually attached to the end of these toys, which can be used to entice your pet dragon.

Cat wands are an inexpensive way to provide hours of entertainment for your bearded dragon, and many owners regard them as one of the best toys for their pets.

Other Interactive Items

Bearded dragons are naturally inquisitive creatures who enjoy exploring. Other interactive items, such as cork bark, logs, and branches, can help encourage exploration and mental stimulation. Cork bark is particularly useful for providing a fun hideaway, while logs and branches can assist them in climbing and exploring.

What Kind of Toys Should Be Avoided?

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  • It is critical to remember that not all toys are suitable for Bearded Dragons.
  • Certain types of toys should be avoided at all costs. Plastic toys, small toys, and stuffed animals are examples.
  • All of these can pose a choking hazard or be easily swallowed.
  • Plastic toys may also contain harsh chemicals that are hazardous to your pet.


Plastic Toys

Plastic toys should be avoided by bearded dragons because they can outgas when heated. Plastic items should not be placed under the heat lamp because they may emit fumes that are harmful to your pet. Bearded dragons will eat anything they can get their mouths on, so plastic toys are especially dangerous.

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Small Toys

Small toys, while they may appear to be a good idea, can be a choking hazard for your pet. They can not only choke on the toys, but also swallow them and cause an internal blockage. Stick to soft, fabric-based toys that are larger in size so that your beardie cannot swallow or choke on them.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed animals can be a fun and engaging toy for your bearded dragon. Bearded dragons will investigate the texture, shape, and size of the stuffed animal.

Select a stuffed animal made of soft material that is the correct size for your bearded dragon. Avoid giving your dragon stuffed animals with small parts or plastic pieces, as these can be dangerous.

Stuffed toys can be a great source of mental stimulation for your bearded dragon and can be added to their list of enriching activities.

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  • Bearded dragons require toys and activities for both physical and mental stimulation.
  • Regular exercise strengthens muscles and reduces stress, while mental stimulation keeps them active and engaged.
  • Balls, floaties, tunnels, hammocks/loungers, and cat wands are examples of exploratory toys.
  • Balls provide exercise and entertainment, floaties are great for swimming and exploration, tunnels encourage burrowing behavior, hammocks and loungers provide a comfortable place to rest, and cat wands provide enrichment and interaction.
  • When buying toys for your bearded dragon, make sure they are the right size and made of safe materials.