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Do Girl or Boy Bearded Dragons Get Bigger? [Why it Matters]

People often wonder which are bigger, male or female bearded dragons. It’s hard to say because their size can depend on things like genetics, diet, and environment.

In this article, we’ll find out what affects the size of bearded dragons and if male or female bearded dragons are generally bigger.

Gender Differences in Size

Bearded dragons are sexually dimorphic – males and females have different sizes, colors, and behaviors. But do gender differences mean size differences?

Males are a bit bigger than females, but not by much. They usually grow to 18-20 inches and weigh about 350g, whereas females are about 16-18 inches and can weigh up to 250g.

Factors that Influence Growth

It’s not only gender that determines size – genetics and the way it’s kept can also affect an individual bearded dragon’s size.


The size of a bearded dragon is mostly determined by genetics, and some are bigger than others no matter the gender. That’s why it’s important to get your bearded dragon from a reliable breeder so they can tell you the size of the parents.


Husbandry plays a big role in size. When you provide optimal conditions, proper nutrition, and UVB lighting, your bearded dragons will reach maximum size. If you don’t, they may not reach their full size potential.

Signs of Good Health

Remember that size isn’t the only factor when judging a bearded dragon’s health. Clear eyes, a plump body, a full tail, and no signs of injury or disease are all signs of a healthy beardie. If you spot any of these, it’s important to get your beardie checked out by a vet.

Key Points

  • Males are typically a little bigger and heavier than females.
  • The differences aren’t very obvious and can depend on genetics and care.
  • Remember, size isn’t the only way to tell if a bearded dragon is healthy. Look for clear eyes, a healthy body, and a full tail to make sure they’re healthy.
  • If you’re concerned about your bearded dragon’s size or health, don’t forget to take them to the vet for an assessment.