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What Decorations Do Bearded Dragons Like? [Top 7 Decorations]

If you have recently adopted a bearded dragon, you may be wondering what type of decorations they enjoy in their enclosure. Decorations can help to make your bearded dragon’s home feel more natural and comfortable. They provide them with hiding spots and also help to keep their environment stimulating. Here is a look at what decorations your bearded dragon may like.

Live Plants

Live plants are important for bearded dragons as they provide a naturalistic look within the enclosure. They can also help to add humidity and provide a great hiding spot for your bearded dragon.

Some of the best plants for bearded dragons are:

  • Pothos
  • Hibiscus
  • Spider plants
  • Peace lilies

Be sure to choose non-toxic plants that are safe for your pet.

Climbing Structures

Climbing structures are an important part of decorating an enclosure for your bearded dragon. They provide your pet with an area to explore, and they can also help to make them feel secure. You can find a variety of naturalistic climbing structures such as branches, rocks, and logs. You can also find commercial climbing structures made from materials such as plastic or wood.


Hideouts are essential for providing your bearded dragon with a sense of security. They can hide in these spots when they feel stressed or threatened.

There are a variety of hideouts that you can purchase or create on your own. Wooden boxes, rocks, and plants are all great options for hiding spots.

Decorative Features

Decorative features can help to make your bearded dragon’s enclosure look more natural and interesting. You can find items such as artificial plants, rocks, and logs. These items can help to make the enclosure more aesthetically pleasing and provide your pet with something to explore.

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Lighting and Heating

Bearded dragons need a certain type of lighting and heating to stay healthy. You should provide a basking spot with a special UVB bulb and a heat lamp. This will provide your pet with the heat and light it needs to stay healthy.

You should also provide a temperature gradient throughout the enclosure so that your bearded dragon can move to cooler spots if it becomes too hot.


Substrates are an important part of bearded dragons’ enclosures as they provide a base layer for your pet to walk on. You can find a variety of substrates such as sand, gravel, and soil. Be sure to use a non-toxic, chemical-free substrate to ensure your pet’s safety.

Water Dishes

Bearded dragons need access to water to stay hydrated. You should provide a large, shallow dish of water for your pet to drink from. This will also help to keep the enclosure humid, which is important for your pet’s health.

Choosing The Perfect Decorations

Decorating an enclosure for your bearded dragon is important for providing a secure and stimulating environment.

Live plants, climbing structures, hideouts, decorative features, lighting and heating, substrates, and water dishes are all important for helping to make your pet’s home feel like its own. With the right decorations, your bearded dragon will feel comfortable and secure in its enclosure.