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How Long Does It Take a Bearded Dragon to Like You? [Tips]

Bearded dragons make great pets as they’re intelligent and friendly, but they’re naturally timid, so it may take a while before they fully trust you. How long do you have to wait for a bearded dragon to like you?

Well, the answer to this isn’t so simple. Every bearded dragon is unique, with its own personality, so it depends on the dragon. On average, it might take three or four months for your bearded dragon to get attached to you. For a deeper look at how long it may take for a bearded dragon to like you, and some advice on how to form a strong connection with your pet, read on.

What Factors Affect How Long It Takes a Bearded Dragon to Like You?


There are a few things that can influence how quickly your bearded dragon warms up to you. Age might be the biggest factor. Babies are usually more skittish and may take longer to become comfortable around you. Older dragons, on the other hand, might be more used to being around humans and may warm up quicker.


The environment of your bearded dragon’s enclosure can have an impact on its relationship with you. If it’s too small, too bright, or too hot, your dragon may not be as comfortable with you. Make sure you provide an enclosure that’s the correct size and temperature and free from stressors like loud noise or too much activity.

Your Approach

If you’re gentle and consistent, your dragon could soon become comfortable and form a strong bond with you. It can make a big difference to your bonding approach.

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Tips for Bonding with Your Bearded Dragon

If you want to bond with your bearded dragon, there’s things you can do to help.Here are some tricks to create a strong connection with your beardie:

Handle Regularly

For a strong bond with your bearded dragon, make sure you handle it often. Take it out and hold it for a few minutes daily, and it’ll get used to you and your scent.

Provide Comfort

Providing your bearded dragon with comfortable places to hide and basking spots makes it safer and more likely to become closer to you.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Give your dragon a treat or pat when it does something you like, like eat or crawl onto your hand. This will help it build a good relationship with you.

Be Patient

Connecting with your bearded dragon is a process that takes time. Don’t rush it and make sure you offer your dragon enough time and space to get used to its new home and to you.

Key Points

  • You may have to wait up to three or four months to form a bond with your bearded dragon.
  • The amount of time it takes for your dragon to like you can depend on its age and environment, as well as your approach to bonding.
  • To speed things up, make sure you handle it often, give it places to hide and bask comfortably, use positive reinforcement, and be patient.
  • With patience and time, you and your bearded dragon will be good friends.