How to Get a Bearded Dragon to Like You: Bonding Tips

Building a bond with a bearded dragon takes time and patience. Spending time with them every day, offering treats, and handling them gently and frequently can help them become comfortable with their owner. It is important to remember that each dragon has its own personality and may take longer to warm up to people.

Establish A Routine

Getting a bearded dragon to like you takes time and patience, but can be made easier by developing a routine.

To familiarize your pet with their environment, provide them with plenty of opportunities to explore their surroundings while rewarding positive behavior.

Make sure they have enough space to get comfortable in their new home without feeling overwhelmed.

By providing an inviting atmosphere for the beardie, it will help build trust between the two of you as they start to recognize that there is no immediate danger or threat present when interacting with you.

Showing kindness and respect towards your little buddy also goes a long way in building rapport!

Giving treats is another great way to keep your scaly friend content and increase the bond between each other.

Moving on from here, let’s look at how we can make sure our furry pal is getting appropriate snacks…

Provide Appropriate Treats

When it comes to getting a bearded dragon to like you, providing appropriate treats is key. You want to make sure that the food you are giving them is nutritionally balanced and part of their natural diet. This could include live insects such as crickets or mealworms, as well as leafy greens and vegetables. Other things that can be used for environmental enrichment include:


  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Pears


  • Carrots
  • Squash
  • Peas

You should also try to vary the type of food items offered in order to ensure they get an adequate diet. Bearded dragons need both protein-rich foods and calcium-rich foods in order to stay healthy, so if possible offer them some variety rather than just one type of snack every day. Remember, too much of anything isn’t good either!

When selecting treats for your bearded dragon, take into account their age, size, activity level and special dietary needs. With careful selection of appropriate snacks and treats, your bearded dragon will learn to trust you more and even look forward to seeing you when treat time rolls around.

Now let’s talk about how important it is to handle with care…

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Handle With Care

It’s important to handle your bearded dragon with care. Positive reinforcement is key to building trust between you and your pet. Offering treats for good behavior, like when your beardie allows you to handle them, will help in strengthening the bond between the two of you.

It’s also beneficial to provide environmental enrichment such as providing branches or rocks for climbing or hiding spots around their enclosure so they can feel safe and secure while interacting with you.

You should always respect a bearded dragon’s personal space. Do not pick them up if they don’t want it; let them come to you naturally instead. If they seem scared or anxious, give them some time before attempting contact again.

Be aware that different levels of touching may be necessary depending on how comfortable your beardie is being handled – some might enjoy sitting on your shoulder while others prefer short handling sessions only.

By engaging in these behaviors regularly, you’ll gradually build trust with your pet which will result in more positive interactions over time. To ensure success, remember: patience is key!

Transitioning into the next step – respecting personal space – will make sure both people (and reptile) involved are happy and content during their time together.

Respect Personal Space

It’s important to provide privacy for your bearded dragon and give them their own space.

Setting boundaries is key for them to understand what’s okay and what’s not.

Make sure to listen to their needs and provide what they need to be comfortable and happy.

Providing Privacy

When it comes to respecting a bearded dragon’s personal space, one of the most important aspects is providing privacy.

By creating boundaries and offering refuge, you can help your pet feel safe and secure in its environment.

Make sure that there are plenty of hiding spots available for them to retreat to when they need some “me time” or just want some peace and quiet away from all the activity around them.

This will go a long way towards helping your bearded dragon become more comfortable with you and build trust between the two of you.

Remember, giving your creature the chance to have their own private little area every now and then goes a long way!

Setting Boundaries

Once you have provided your bearded dragon with the necessary private space, it’s important to also set boundaries.

This will help them understand what behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not.

Positive reinforcement is key in this case as it encourages good behavior and helps build a bond between you and your pet.

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You can use bonding activities like playing games or feeding together to make sure that they know that these rules come from a place of love.

By setting clear boundaries for your furry friend, both of you can enjoy each other’s company without any issues!

Listening To Needs

Once you have established boundaries and built trust, it’s important to listen to your bearded dragon’s needs.

They will often communicate through body language or vocalizations what their feelings are in certain situations.

If they seem uncomfortable or overwhelmed, give them some space and then try again later when they are ready.

By listening to their signals, you can create an environment of mutual respect where both you and your pet feel safe and secure.

Spend Quality Time Together

Respecting a bearded dragon’s personal space is important, but it isn’t the only way to build trust and get them to like you. Spending quality time together can also be very beneficial! Positive reinforcement is key when spending time with your new reptilian friend; give treats sparingly and always make sure they are comfortable before picking them up.

Creating trust takes patience, so take things slow at first – show that you care by rewarding good behavior and ignoring bad behaviors until they understand what you want from them. It’s okay if progress feels slow – remember that building relationships with animals requires lots of effort and understanding.

When interacting with your bearded dragon, pay attention to their body language; look for signs of stress or discomfort such as hissing, puffing out their throat, rapid arm waving or tail twitching. If any of these arise then put your pet down immediately and try again another day.

Learning how to read your dragon’s mood will create an even stronger bond between the two of you over time. Additionally, keep in mind that too much handling can cause stress for both parties involved which would be counterproductive to forming a trusting relationship. Knowing when enough is enough will help ensure everyone remains content – let the contact end on a positive note so your companion looks forward to future interactions!

Ultimately, getting a bearded dragon to like you requires dedication and mutual respect. Understanding boundaries while providing plenty of love and affection through positive reinforcement will allow each party to develop strong feelings towards one another over time.

With consistent visits full of fun activities, delicious snacks (in moderation!), and mindful interaction soon enough your little pal will become just as fond of you as you are of them!

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Know When To Step Away

It is important to remember that a bearded dragon needs time and space, just like any other pet. Spending too much time with them can make them feel overwhelmed or stressed. It is best to be patient and have a calm presence when around your bearded dragon so they don’t become agitated.

Give them treats as rewards for being gentle but only give them in small amounts as they can easily get sick from over-eating.

When handling the bearded dragon, it’s essential to be very gentle and support their body weight. They should not feel scared or threatened by you. Do this consistently each day until your beardie gets used to you and becomes more comfortable in your presence.

But if at any point during interactions, the animal appears afraid or agitated, take some distance from them and try again after some time has passed.

Bearded dragons are quite skittish animals so patience is key when trying to build trust between you two. With consistency, gentleness, and plenty of treat rewards, your beardie will eventually come around and enjoy spending time with you!


To build a strong relationship with your bearded dragon, it’s important to spend quality time with them, provide treats that are appropriate for their diet, handle them gently and frequently, respect their personal space when they need some alone time and know when to step away.

All of these steps will help create a trust between you and your pet reptile. It takes patience and consistency to form the bond but once you do, there is no limit as to how much joy and companionship your beardie can bring into your life.

They may be small creatures but always remember; big things come in small packages!