best toys for your bearded dragon

What Are Good Toys for Bearded Dragons [Must Have Toys]

Are you looking for ways to entertain your beloved bearded dragon? Do you want to ensure that their environment is both stimulating and safe? There is no need to look any further! We’ve compiled a list of the best bearded dragon toys – from perches to hammocks, there’s something for every beardie!

Climbing Toys

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  • Climbing toys are an excellent way to keep your bearded dragon active and entertained.
  • Ladders, bridges, and hammocks are all excellent toys for your bearded dragon to climb and explore.



Because bearded dragons enjoy climbing and exploring, ladders are an excellent way to provide them with an exciting challenge. Ladders are also useful for connecting different parts of their enclosure, such as bridges, hide boxes, and hammocks.

When constructing a ladder, ensure that the rungs are wide enough so that they can easily climb up and down them without slipping or becoming stuck. If you don’t have the time or resources to build your own, there are plenty of commercial options that can be easily attached to the vivarium’s side.

Choose one that is made of sturdy materials and has a non-slip surface. Ladders also provide excellent enrichment for your pet, allowing them to remain active and engaged in their surroundings.


Bridges are a necessary and enjoyable addition to any bearded dragon habitat. Bridges allow your beardie to explore higher and lower levels of the enclosure while also providing an elevated hiding spot. They also contribute to your pet’s natural environment by providing additional visual stimulation and physical exercise.


Hammocks are an excellent way to keep your bearded dragon entertained. They can climb, jump, and lounge in the hammock, which provides both exercise and a place to rest and relax.

Hammocks are especially beneficial for larger-tank dragons because they provide a break from the flat ground and allow your beardie to explore different levels. There are a variety of bearded dragon hammocks available, including special loungers that can be suspended in the air or attached to the tank’s side.

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Hide Boxes

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  • Hide boxes are an excellent way to provide a safe haven for your bearded dragon, and they can be made out of almost any material that provides privacy.
  • Hide boxes provide a large space for the bearded dragon to relax.
  • Hide boxes can also serve as a place for your beardie to cool off if they become overheated, which is especially important during the summer.


Natural Hide Boxes

Because bearded dragons enjoy exploring and hiding, a hide box is essential. Natural hide boxes are an excellent choice for bearded dragons. These hides can be made of almost any material that provides your pet with a secure and safe environment. Wood, cork, and bamboo are common materials.

The hides should be large enough to allow the bearded dragon to relax and explore freely. You can also buy a ready-made hide box made specifically for bearded dragons. By providing natural hide boxes for your bearded dragon, you can encourage natural behaviors while also creating a stimulating and secure environment.

Artificial Hide Boxes

Artificial hide boxes are an excellent way to provide your bearded dragon with a safe and secure environment. These boxes, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are typically made of safe, non-toxic materials such as plastic or wood. To make your bearded dragon’s environment more interesting, decorate these boxes with items such as artificial plants, rocks, and other accessories.

Interactive Toys

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  • Bearded dragons can be kept entertained and engaged with interactive toys.
  • Ladders, bridges, hide boxes, and food puzzles are examples of such toys.
  • The Thrive Beardie Ball is a popular option because it has a variety of textures and shapes for them to explore.


Food Puzzles

Food puzzles are an excellent way to keep your bearded dragon mentally stimulated. They can be used to hide treats or food, encouraging your pet to use their natural instinct to explore and search. These puzzles can also be used to aid in behavioral enrichment by keeping boredom at bay.

Ball Pits

Ball pits are another excellent way to keep your bearded dragon entertained and active. It’s a fun way to encourage your pet to explore and be creative while also providing physical and mental stimulation.

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With a shallow plastic container, some soft foam balls, and some inexpensive decorations, you can easily make your own ball pit at home. Bearded dragons enjoy hiding, climbing, and foraging for food in the ball pit. Just keep an eye on your pet while they play to ensure their safety!

Insect Feeder Toys

Bearded dragons enjoy eating insects, and one of the best ways to keep them entertained is to provide them with insect feeder toys.

These toys can be balls, cubes, or other shapes that contain live insects, allowing your dragon to hunt for food. Insect feeder toys provide mental stimulation for your dragon as they explore and forage for food.

They also help to recreate the natural environment in which dragons hunt for food. Insect feeder toys are a great way to provide extra enrichment for your pet while also ensuring they get enough exercise.

Simple DIY Toys

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  • Simple DIY toys are an excellent way for bearded dragon owners to express their creativity while also making their pets happy.
  • There are numerous ways to keep your beardie entertained, ranging from homemade mazes to treat balls.
  • You can make a cave out of an empty pillowcase for your lizard to play hide-and-seek in, or you can place a paper towel roll in its habitat for it to climb and explore.
  • Food puzzles can be made out of cardboard or plastic containers and filled with treats.
  • You can even make your own ball pit with plastic balls and a shallow container.


Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls

Paper towel and toilet paper rolls make excellent bearded dragon toys. You can add small treats inside the rolls to make these toys even more appealing to your pet, encouraging them to search and explore the toy further. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls are inexpensive and easy to obtain, making them an excellent choice for a low-cost and entertaining DIY toy!

Making a Playground Out Of Cardboard

Making a cardboard playground is a simple and enjoyable way to provide extra enrichment for your bearded dragon. It’s a fun way to get your creative juices flowing, and it’s easy to put together. You can make a whole new world for your reptile friend by using cardboard boxes, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, and even cereal boxes.

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Building DIY Mazes and Tunnels

Making your own mazes and tunnels for your bearded dragon is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated. You can build a complex network of tunnels and mazes for your lizard to explore using only a few household items.

You can make these tunnels and mazes out of cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, or paper towels. You can also provide a more natural environment for your bearded dragon by using natural items such as sticks and logs.

Once the basic structure is in place, add some decorations like rocks or plants to add some interest to the tunnels and mazes. This will not only provide mental stimulation for your lizard, but it will also help them get their daily exercise.

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  • Climbing toys are essential for bearded dragons to stay active and entertained, including ladders, bridges, and hammocks.
  • Hide boxes provide a secure and relaxing space for bearded dragons and can be made of natural materials such as wood, cork, or bamboo, or artificial materials such as plastic or wood.
  • Interactive toys such as food puzzles, ball pits, and insect feeder toys can also keep bearded dragons mentally and physically stimulated.
  • Simple DIY toys such as homemade mazes and treat balls are an easy and fun way to provide additional stimulation for your bearded dragon.
  • When selecting or creating toys for your bearded dragon, make sure they are made of sturdy and non-toxic materials and are the appropriate size and shape for your pet’s safety.