night life of a beardie

What Do Bearded Dragons Do at Night? [Same As Us!]

Bearded dragons are like most reptiles, active during the day and asleep at night. The sun’s heat and light helps regulate their body temperature, but just because they’re sleeping doesn’t mean nothing’s happening in their enclosure. Let’s look at what bearded dragons do at night, how to give them the best nighttime environment, and why rest is so important for them.

The Nighttime Sleeping Habits of Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons usually get some Z’s at night, but during the day they’re in full swing. At night, they generally enter a state of torpor, which is a period of decreased physical activity and metabolism. During this time, they’ll stay put until morning. They won’t move around or eat during this time.

During the day, bearded dragons need lots of heat and a cooler spot. At night, the temp in their enclosure should be lower than the day for them to enter a state of torpor and get some rest.

Creating a Comfortable Nighttime Environment for Bearded Dragons

Your bearded dragon needs a comfortable, secure area to sleep in order to get good rest.

Here’s what you need to do to create the perfect nighttime environment for your pet.

Lower the Temperature

Making sure their enclosure’s temperature is a bit cooler at night than during the day is important.This can help them drift off and get the rest they need. The ideal temp for a bearded dragon at night should be around 70-72°F.

Provide a Hide Box

Your bearded dragon needs a hide box in their enclosure for sleeping. It should be big enough for them to fit in and made of something that can keep heat. That’ll make sure they stay warm when it’s cold out.

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Keep the Lights Off

Keeping the lights off in their enclosure at night helps them get the rest they need and keep them from getting overstimulated.

Provide a Branch or Rock to Climb On

Setting up a branch or rock for your bearded dragon to sleep on at night will give them a comfy spot, plus help keep their temperature up.

Don’t Handle Them

It’s important to leave your bearded dragon alone at night; it can ruin their sleep schedule and keep them from getting the rest they need.

The Importance of Rest for Bearded Dragons

Your bearded dragon needs enough rest for its health and wellbeing. Not resting enough can mean a weak immune system, no appetite, and other issues. Plus, lack of rest can cause stress, which can be really bad for them.

Key Points:

  • Bearded dragons sleep during the night, just like other reptiles, and when they do, it’s important to make their environment safe and secure.
  • Lower the temperature in their tank, give them a hide box, turn off the lights, give them something to climb on, and don’t handle them.
  • Making sure your bearded dragon gets enough rest is really important for their health, so you should make sure you give them the best nighttime environment you can.