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What Should You Not Put in a Bearded Dragon Tank? [3 Categories]

Having a bearded dragon as a pet means creating a habitat that’s just perfect for them. Certain items and materials like harmful substrates, decorations, and toxic plants and chemicals are a big no-no. For the health and happiness of your dragon, make sure their home is safe and suitable.

Understanding the Needs of Bearded Dragons

Before we look at what shouldn’t be put into a bearded dragon tank, it’s important to recognize the needs of a bearded dragon. They need a warm, well-lit habitat with plenty of space to roam and hideouts to make them feel safe.

To keep your bearded dragon healthy, you should give it fresh fruits and veggies, plus live insects, and always make sure they have access to fresh water.

What Not to Put in a Bearded Dragon Tank

Now that you have a better understanding of what a bearded dragon needs to be happy and healthy, let’s look at a few items that should never be in their tank.

Substrates to Avoid

When you’re setting up a tank for a bearded dragon, the type of substrate you pick is very important. The substrate lines the bottom of the tank, so make sure it’s safe and won’t put your pet in danger.

Don’t use any kind of substrate that your bearded dragon could swallow. Things like wood shavings, gravel, and sand can cause impaction if ingested, which can be fatal.

Avoid any substrate that could potentially start a fire, like newspaper, cardboard, or paper products.

Decorations and Toys

Bearded dragons are naturally curious, so don’t put any small decorations or toys in their tank – they may eat plastic plants, rocks, and even toys.

Don’t use artificial lighting fixtures that weren’t designed for bearded dragons. They can make your bearded dragon too hot. Make sure the lights you use are made for reptiles, so they can get natural sunlight or UVB lighting.

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Chemicals and Cleaners

Cleaning products are toxic to bearded dragons, so don’t use them. Natural alternatives like vinegar or baking soda are the best way to go.

Some cleaning products can be really dangerous for bearded dragons, like bleach and ammonia; you have to make sure the cleaning products you use are safe and made for reptiles.

Key Points

If you’re setting up a bearded dragon tank, make sure you think about what you put in it.

When it comes to a bearded dragon tank, there are a few things you should avoid. Anything that can be swallowed, decorations, toys, and any type of chemicals or cleaners – these all should be steered clear of.

If you know what not to put in your bearded dragon tank, you can make sure it’s a safe home for your pet.