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Why Do You Soak Bearded Dragons? [3 Huge Benefits]

Regularly soaking your bearded dragon can provide numerous health benefits. Clean skin aids in parasite control, hydration aids in shedding, digestion, and overall health, and it can provide relief from mites and help regulate bowel movements. Also, it’s a great way to get your dragon moving and exercise.

Benefits of Soaking Bearded Dragons

Clean Skin

Regular bathing of your bearded dragon helps to keep its skin clean and free of bacteria, parasites, and fungus. It can also soften their skin, making it easier for them to shed old skin and scales. 


When bearded dragons soak, they benefit greatly from hydration. If you want even more hydration, soaking your Bearded Dragon once every 7-10 days in warm water with added electrolytes. This is an effective method to help with hydration.

Parasite Removal

Soaking your bearded dragon in warm water can assist in the removal of parasites from their skin. This will prevent irritation and make your bearded dragon much more comfortable.

Healthy Shedding

Proper shedding is essential for your bearded dragon’s health because it prevents its skin from becoming too dry or itchy. Regular soaks can aid in the healthy shedding of your beardie by softening the skin and making it easier to remove any old skin or scales. 

Relief From Mites

A significant advantage of soaking your bearded dragon is mite relief. Mites can be extremely aggravating for both you and your pet, and treating them frequently necessitates the use of prescription medication. 

However, soaking your bearded dragon in warm water with Betadine can be an effective way to eliminate these pesky pests. It not only helps to eliminate mites, but it also keeps your pet free of fungus, parasites, and bacteria. 

Bowel Movement Regulation

Warm water soaks can also aid in the regulation of your bearded dragon’s bowel movements. Muscle relaxation from the warm water typically results in a poop in the bath, which is why it’s critical to remove any waste immediately following the bath. 

This keeps your pet healthy and comfortable while also keeping them from becoming constipated. 

If your bearded dragon is constipated, you may want to increase the bath time to up to 30 minutes. That way, they can benefit from the muscle relaxant while also assisting in the progression of bowel movements.

Cons of Soaking Too Often or Too Long

Soaking your bearded dragon too frequently or for too long can cause stress and dehydration. To keep your beardie comfortable and healthy, stick to a regular schedule appropriate for their age and size, and don’t allow them to stay in the water for longer than necessary.


While regular baths are an excellent way to keep your bearded dragon healthy, keep in mind that too many or too long soaks can cause stress in your pet. 

Soaking should be done only when absolutely necessary and should not be done on a daily basis. 

If your dragon becomes agitated or irritated during the bath, it’s best to stop and try again later. Keep an eye on your bearded dragon’s behavior during the bath and be on the lookout for any signs that it’s time to get out.


If bearded dragons are soaked too frequently or for too long, they can become dehydrated. Keep track of how much water your bearded dragon consumes and how frequently it is soaked. 

Less frequent urination, lethargy, and a decreased appetite are signs that your bearded dragon is dehydrated. If you suspect your bearded dragon has become dehydrated, stop giving it warm soaks immediately and seek veterinary care.

Signs Your Bearded Dragon Is Ready for a Soak

Changes in color are one of the most common indicators that your bearded dragon is ready for a soak. You will notice that your beardie’s color will become dull before shedding. 

Additionally, a bath can help remove mites and parasites from your dragon. You can also bathe your beardie to encourage defecation if he is not defecating regularly.

Safety Precautions When Soaking

When soaking your bearded dragon, it is critical to take safety precautions. The water’s temperature is critical; it should be warm but not hot. Burns can occur if the temperature is too high. 

The duration of the soak should also be considered; 15-20 minutes is usually sufficient, any longer can cause stress or dehydration. 

After the soak, pat your pet dry gently with a soft towel. To help replenish lost nutrients, reptile electrolytes can be added to the soaking dish. 

Finally, when deciding when and how often to soak your pet, it is best to observe their behavior and trust your instincts.


When soaking your bearded dragon, the temperature of the water is critical. You don’t want to scald your pet, so make sure the water isn’t too hot. Aim for lukewarm water and keep a thermometer handy to check the temperature. Bearded dragons prefer temperatures ranging from 85 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep it within this range.

Time of Soak

When bathing your bearded dragon, the duration of the soak is critical. Bathe your bearded dragon in the morning or late afternoon, when they are most active. Allow your beardie to soak for 15 to 20 minutes to provide a thorough soaking that will benefit their skin, especially when it comes to shedding.

Towel Drying

After the bath, gently pat your pet dry with a soft, absorbent towel. This is especially important for shedding bearded dragons because it helps to remove any excess skin that has fallen off during their soak. 

Towel drying keeps your bearded dragon warm and comfortable while they relax and play after their bath. Before returning the beardie to their habitat, make sure not to scrub too hard and that the towel is completely dry.

Key Points

  • Regular bathing of bearded dragons can provide health benefits such as clean skin, hydration, parasite removal, healthy shedding, mite relief, and bowel movement regulation.
  • By softening the skin, clean skin keeps bearded dragons free of parasites, bacteria, and fungus and promotes healthy shedding.
  • Hydration promotes shedding, digestion, and overall health, as well as mite relief and bowel movement regulation.
  • Soaking bearded dragons in warm water with added electrolytes every 7-10 days can help them stay healthy and strong.
  • Over Soaking bearded dragons can cause stress and dehydration, so it is critical to follow a regular schedule appropriate for their age and size, and to monitor their reactions to ensure they are comfortable and healthy.